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The musical ideals of Lighting Nights can be broken down into three distinct points:

1. albums are a holistic, inseparable unit.

I believe that albums should not contain a collection of single works. Rather, albums are an overarching movement which connects tracks thematically and lyrically. Therefore, Lighting Nights seeks to have each album a piece of art as a whole, not as a discrete set of bits thrown together and randomly put side by side.

2. Music should have a purpose and originality

I have heard (and enjoyed) many artists who always write as such: verse 1, chorus, verse 2, bridge, chorus. This may be great and catchy, but I definitely shy away from this regimented view of a song. Very often, I see choruses as a musical crutch, a way to make a song longer without writing anything novel. This is not to say that repeating things is bad, just that there should be a reason behind chorus and repetition. In other words, every verse should bring the chorus into new perspective, or the lyrics should change, or there should be no chorus at all; at least that is what I am seeking to do 🙂

Extending on this, the lyrics should be poems in and of themselves. I will sometimes take days pondering the drafts of my songs to find the exact word that fits semantically and musically. Some artists tend to sacrifice meaning for the sake of a rhyme, but I believe that the words are the backbone of the song!

3. Listeners should have access to the artist’s ideas

Sometimes artists can get away with throwing out some random lyrics and then say to their fans, “Yeah, ya know. However you interpret that is what it means.” I definitely thrive on people’s interpretations of my lyrics, but I also want people to know that I put an ample amount of effort in creating them, and I do not cut corners while forming them. So, as a way to say to my fans (however few there are), “I will never skimp out on lyrics or take the easy road,” I offer lyric interpretations on this website. This way my listeners can appreciate the beauty of the song as I intended it, with all of its subtle rhetoric, while still offering their own interpretations and thoughts.

I fully expect that this website will have few visitors (myself, my parents, and my wife when I make her sit down and check out the things I most recently added). Still, we shall see where this road takes me. My ultimate goal is to spread the beauty of God’s creation through the small acts of creativity shown on this site. If you have any questions, inquiries, concerns, or just want to chat, feel free to head on over to the contact page.

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